A Bit More About Obstacles

I found some pictures that I took dealing with obstacles before finally putting in the last bit of bench work of the Owen Sound yard. They may prove to be of interest and help others who are planning the same. Again, this was all done in November 2016.

The basement had already been finished before my wife and I moved in and as far as I was concerned was good enough.  I am not one for undoing something that works and is already in place.  Before any construction of the upper level that would go from Park Head to Wiarton, I needed to modify the circuit breaker panel enclosure.  The bottom hung down too far to clear the upper bench work and track.  Luckily there was enough extra room below the panel to remove some of the enclosure and shorten the doors from the bottom.  We had to replace the original fuse panel with a circuit breaker panel and the electrician placed it up higher in the enclosure.  You will notice in some of the photos a Bell Internet router on a little platform.  I built that to hold the router which ordinarily was just sitting on a DVD cabinet.  According to Bell this is the only area in the house that a router can be placed without interference from wiring in the ceiling of the train room.

The Bell Internet Router and the Shortened Bottom of the Circuit Breaker Panel Cabinet

The doors to the panel enclosure were easy to take off and cut on a table saw. The enclosure frame required the careful use of the reciprocating saw. It worked out well in the end but I did have to make certain that any cables were always clear.

New Router Location and a Newly Painted Section

Luckily I was able to match the paint close enough at a local building supply. As it turned out it came in quite handy later and I should have bought a gallon.

That nice water colour of the CN Stirling station was painted by my mother-in-law, Alicia Chambers. She is a really good artist and was a professional photographer for the Belleville Intelligencer. She paints scenes from photos she took around the Bay of Quinte area. This painting will be relocated to the lobby.

The access notch in the now installed Owen Sound bench work is plain to see in this picture. It will make the radius of the curve behind the roundhouse smaller but this modification was necessary.   This was also described in the last post.

The Great Access Notch

Would more pre-planning have helped? Possibly but sometimes a person really doesn’t know what to expect until they arrive at a situation. I have found as I go along that what looks great on paper won’t always quite work out in reality unless some adaption is made. Flexibility is key.

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