Let There be Light and Down the Wall to the Helix

It is April 2017, the fourth month of Canada’s Sesquicentennial. Based on Tony Koester’s suggestion, the next step was to look after the upper level lighting before putting down any track work which I was more eager to do.  I stuck to his book and started putting up fluorescent light fixtures using the daylight tubes.  They are bright and they do really differ from the warm incandescent lights that I was used to.  I was not really happy at first until I went outside on a sunny day and believe now that Tony was right.  The warm glow I was used to from indoor lighting was not as real as the fluorescents. Here are two pictures of the fixture installed above what will be Kennedy and Sons Foundry, ironically on the lower level.

First Fluorescent Over Kennedy & Sons
Now Kennedy & Sons is Nice and Bright

These have been installed just outside the upper level bench work as will be seen as this story progresses.  I used hooks through the joists and the shortened chains provided.  They are bright but I have become accustomed to them.  Valances of some sort will have to be installed.  That Folkins print of CNR U-1-f 6060 at Spadina will have to be moved and I am still negotiating another place for it in the house.  The master bedroom would be nice but…

Down The Wall To the Helix

I decided I had better ‘Get Smart’ and draw up just how and if these shelf brackets were going to work.  The brackets for the upper level are drawn in magenta.  Some are not yet drawn in around Wiarton.

The Brackets are Shown in Magenta

Fortunately, there is no lower benchwork to contend with under the section that goes to the helix.  I only had to use the brackets and the ‘L’ girder aluminum because the shelf is only 14″ wide, the length of the shelf arm .

A Narrower Shelf Only Needs Brackets

Here, you can see where I cut the web in a ‘V’ shape so I could bend the ‘L’ girder to meet the narrower end of the wye.  The bottom of the clock points to where the ‘L’ starts to run parallel to the wall.  The same thing happens at the other end of the run where the siding is completed.  As an aside, my father built that clock as well.  He was a great craftsman.  I should be so lucky.

Going Down the Wall, Brackets and All

The Styrofoam was cut, fitted and glued down.  These binders full of my cherished Mainline Modeler magazines are rising to the task of weighing down the Styrofoam until the ‘No More Nails’ has set.

Don’t Throw Out Old Train Mags. They Come in Handy!

Simon Dunkley requested a diagram of only the Lower Level. Here it is with the lead to the Upper Level to Park Head included. There will be modifications as things get built but for now this is the intent.

Lower Level of Owen Sound

Next I will be returning to the Lower Level to complete the benchwork for the Owen Sound mainline from behind the Roundhouse to where the Helix is entered. The Grain Elevator benchwork will be not built until after helix is built.

2 thoughts on “Let There be Light and Down the Wall to the Helix

  1. Andy, I also found the different temperature of light striking. I have migrated to all daylight LED lights and become accustomed to that. It does seem to shift how I see the colors. Your track design looks interesting and a nice balance between trackwork and open space.


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