On To Wiarton…But First

With the upper level from the intended Helix through Park Head complete, it was now time to start thinking about getting to Wiarton but before that, the bench work for Owen Sound on the lower level was supposed to be installed.  This involved a couple of major hurdles like moving a bar fridge and taking out a wet bar so I opted to do put in the Wiarton mainline along the wall instead to check for clearance over existing useful stuff/junk already stored there. 

I left the layout alone for the first part of the summer because of a custom building commitment which I wanted to be able to deliver at the Annual 2017 NASG convention in July, two of my S scale reefer kits and a Des Plaines Hobbies S scale brass RS1.  I usually don’t do custom building but I was curious about the RS1 brass kit which is no longer available.  I wanted to see if the RS1 could be adapted to become an RSC13 which was used on this subdivision when the diesels were first taking over.  It had A1A trucks and I already have the correct side frames in S.  It is a unique to CNR, an MLW model.  And yes the superstructure could be modified but as I said, the kit is no longer available so I guess I have to wait a bit until it is re-released.  3D printing would work but I am not interested in giving up the time to draw that up just yet.  The reefer kits turned out better than the ones I built for myself (Murphy’s Law) and I was pleased with the RS1 even though it was missing the leaf springs in the kit.  They were later provided by Des Plaines. The track is not glued down.  I just wanted to get a feel for what to expect.

RS1 Custom Built from Kit
Two Custom Built CNR 8 Hatch Reefers

I decided to build the along the wall toward Wiarton before building the corner to connect to Park Head.  This was done the same in the same manner as the shelf that went along the wall toward the Helix.  The 14” bracket arms were strong enough to hold up the bench work so no vertical bracing was needed.  I used a level between the end bracket of Park Head and the beginning bracket of the Wiarton main to ensure level and then built the corner section between them.  At this point, my modules are still on their ends after showing with the S Scale Workshop at ExpoRail’s Model Railroad weekend in the third week in August.  For more information on the S Scale Workshop, please see the S Scale Workshop Blog, http://sscaleworkshop.blogspot.com/ 

The legs can be seen standing beside the old stereo set which will be moved.  All the other stuff under the upper bench frame will be eventually relocated or found a new home.

The little I did do was go down the wall with the brackets and the aluminum ‘L’ towards Wiarton and halt at the bar.

Now That’s a Fine Mess Underneath!

I neglected to take photos of the building and installment of the corner underneath the circuit breaker cabinet.  What will be shown is what is now in place.  The supporting structure for the corner that went just below the Circuit Breaker Panel was made up with a combination of aluminum ‘L’ girders, metal shelf brackets, square plastic rod for cleats and sheet plastic.

Fun With Aluminum, Plastic and Steel Brackets
The Circuit Breaker Corner at Present

Any other spare time in the summer was spent up north at our cabin.  I had to replace a rotting out deck which my father had built.  It was not too difficult but it was a hot and dirty endeavour. I will spare you the photos of that! Next…the bar!

One thought on “On To Wiarton…But First

  1. Andy, nice to see your progress. A wet bar and refrigerator in the train room. Now that is a bonus! I saw the RS-1 you built, very well done. Regards from Minnesota.


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