Finishing the Lower Bench Work for Owen Sound

After the removal of the bar, it was time to continue the lower bench work of Owen  Sound.  Julia put together the next two parts for me.  These are shown below.  They will become the mainline and the access points to the grain elevator and the boarding tracks which will be on narrow peninsulas.  I built a corner to attach to it and it is shown resting on the bench work that Julia built.

Corner Section Where Supertest Oil and Passing Sidings Will Be

The corner was attached to the end of Julia’s handiwork.  At the same time the upper railing has been removed for test purposes.  I test and retest everything before it is finally installed semi-permanently.  The area below the bench work is a bit more clear now.

Around the corner and down the wall over the bar fridge. More legs are leaning against the bench work where the boarding tracks peninsula will be attached.

The bar fridge will be moved to a location under the bench work just prior to the branching off to the grain elevator.  Easy access is mandatory.

That was it for the rough lower bench work framing for Owen Sound. Next Wiarton.

2 thoughts on “Finishing the Lower Bench Work for Owen Sound

  1. I am lucky. She took one year of Interior Design and is now taking Home Renovation and Carpentry. She is part of Women in the Workplace which is to entice more women into the trades industry.


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