The Route to Wiarton

The drawing below shows the Owen Sound Lower Level with the tracks grayed out.  The Route to Wiarton Upper Level track is shown in light green.  The brackets are magenta and the aluminum outer framing is shown in blue.  There was a bit of modification as the build progressed but for the most part it all worked out according to plan.

It is now March 2018.  The next step was to attach the aluminum railing to the brackets along the wall.  This would be the base the for the Wiarton mainline coming into Wiarton.  0.060” styrene cleats were attached to the top of the brackets compensate for the level difference between the shelf bracket and the railing.  At the rear I attached coved quarter round to add support for the Styrofoam against the wall.  I went back to the Park Head area and retro-fitted cove quarter round there.

Framing for the Styrofoam to Wiarton

The corner frame work needed to be supported by the lower bench work until all the bracketing was in place.  A temporary vertical support was clamped in place.  Part of the web of the ‘L’ was cut out in several places so the rail could be bent to conform to where the track would eventually go.

Temporary Vertical Support for the Corner

Aluminum ‘L’ extensions were added to the ends of the shelf brackets.  All were drilled out and tapped for 4-40 screws.  Nuts were used to tighten everything down. Because the Aluminum rail and Bracket Extensions caused layering, 0.060″ shims had to be added ensuring a level surface before the 0.060″ styrene support sheet was glued on top. This was so the styrene sheet would be level with the outside ‘L’ rail. Once everything was stable enough, the vertical support from below was removed.

Layers of Aluminum Rail and Bracket Extensions

When everything was level, the Styrofoam sheet was cut and glued in using foam friendly adhesive like ‘No More Nails’.

Along the Wall to Wiarton
First Wiarton Corner
Second Wiarton Corner I

Wooden support legs were attached to the second part of the Wiarton Corner. They really help with the leveling and keep the bench work stable.

Second Wiarton Corner II With Support Legs

The Wiarton yard extension was an aluminum frame attached to an island made of wooden uprights with shelving underneath.  This was suggested by Trevor Marshall.  Originally, my idea was to suspend the extension from the ceiling but that would not have been stable enough.   The second shelf became a great place to put tools while working.  Eventually all shelving space was used to store various containers that had retired M.L.W. Services kit projects in them.  This allowed the bar fridge to be moved to where the containers originally were.

An Island for the Yard

Those rear upper leg extensions will have a back drop attached which will block off some of the other parts of the layout. Florescent lighting was added over the Wiarton Corner and the Yard. Next…Roadbed for Wiarton

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