The Beginning

I decided on a two level track plan.  The Lower Level would be Owen Sound, the upper Park Head to Wiarton and a staging area.  If you know the line, you will note that I left out the towns of Shallow Lake and Ben Allen between Owen Sound and Park Head.  You will also notice that the towns of Hepworth and Clavering are missing between Park Head and Wiarton.  This is because of space limitations.  But it does not mean that the layout will lose out in the majority of prototype operation which occurred at the 3 key points I have chosen to model.    The two levels were to be linked together with a 42″ radius helix.  As the building of the layout has progressed, the 42″ had to be reconsidered and downsized to 38″ radius.

Owen Sound
Park Head to Wiarton and points south to Palmerston

As can be seen, it is a challenging undertaking.  I have built only a couple of layouts in the past, one Flyer and one HO.  I also have built two module sets and corners for participation in the S Scale Workshop of which I am a member.  This however is a bit daunting.

One thought on “The Beginning

  1. Hi Andy,

    Would it be possible for you to add a plan of the lower deck without the upper deck superimposed? I and getting a little tangled up in my head when trying to visualise the lower level.

    Really like the idea, and wanting so few locos is a plus point with S. Better to have fewer models of high quality and relative distinctiveness than a large stud of out-of-the-box same-as-everyone-else locos. Besides, how many trains can anyone drive at once?



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