NASG Josh Seltzer Award

This is very nice.

I would like to thank the NASG (National Association of S Gaugers) for bestowing their 2021 Josh Seltzer Award on me for this blog.  Josh Seltzer was an early promoter of S Scale.  He ran an S Scale business with his wife Barbara, redecorating and modifying American Flyer cars with Scale, Hi-Rail and Flyer options.  Sadly, he passed away in 2003 at the age of 52.  The award, which was created in his honour, is given in recognition of those who support and promote S-scale modeling via a web site on the World Wide Web or any form of electronic media.

I would also like to thank all the people who follow this blog for your support.

Here is a picture of the NASG Josh Seltzer award on my layout at Park Head with the Wiarton main and the north leg of the wye in the foreground.  The SD-40-2 diesel may seem out of place but it belonged to Josh Seltzer and is lettered for his private name model railroad, Zanesville and Lake Erie.  I purchased it indirectly from his estate.  When I bought it, I had planned on repainting it to CP Rail but now it will remain in Josh’s colours out of respect.  My grandson Everett likes the green diesel.  I can always consider it a lease loco which CN did do and still does from time to time.  It is really a nice paint job.  I am pretty sure Josh did it.

Zanesville & Lake Erie SD40-2 at Park Head

As an aside, I am operating this layout in different eras which is the reason for the classic diesel.  1950’s steam era still rules but every so often I will change out the equipment to add variety and operating interest.

Next: Where the layout is today.


2 thoughts on “NASG Josh Seltzer Award

  1. Andy, congratulations on your award. I enjoy your postings and watching your progress. That your Grandson likes the green engine is reason enough to keep it green. It is difficult to think that it has been 20 years since Josh left us. Best wishes, Ken Zieska


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